Elvia Titi Paracas

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Name and middle name: Elvia Cynthia, Titi has been my nickname since I was a little girl. Why Titi? When I was about 1 year old, I was learning to talk, to say Cynthia. Once, they ask me –What´s your name? – Titia – What ? – Titia ! – Ok, better Titi. I couldn´t say Cynthia yet.

Born and raised in Pisco I lived there until I finished high school. Then I move to Lima, a 9 million people city to go to college, and lived there for about 14 years. I move back to Pisco in 2013, with a college degree in Communication, years of working experience in sales, communication and public relations, fluent in English, Italian, single, never married and without kids. So far I´ve been living here for about 7 years, 2km from the beach where I do yoga often.

I can not say “I wanted to or I had to move back” I guess I could still be in Lima but I didn´t feel like staying in the city anymore. Moving back to a small town was first a shock, 3 hours south of Lima and far from the friends I made in so many years. “I am here, this is now home” So I did everything to adapt: made some friends, I was blessed to find nice jobs here and start “and star” my first two entrepreneurships. I also took here a quechua course, a South American language that my grandparents spoke but didn´t teach to my parents.

“Bonito Food Travel” Youtube channel and media is my third entrepreneurship, I am very happy to work on media. It’s a job that let me share with people all I´ve learned about food, food traveling and sustainable lifestyle. My main gooal is to travel, in my country and abroad. In this pandemic times I´ll be producing videos for my both channels in my city. Hoping to travel again.

I don´t really know if I´ll be living in Pisco for ever or for a while more. But I am sure I am very grateful for all experiences I had so far: all people, family, friends, my college degree, languages I’ve learned and now in a second home. I might receive new people, new degrees, a new language and a new home. I´ll take it and will make the most of it.

Wellcome to my blog and media !

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